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Amarillo Texas offers a great community that we are proud to provide competitive title loans to. All of our clients that have grown up in the town, and work in the local helium or cattle industries, know that thats what we are know for in Amarillo. Maybe less know is Texas Fast Cash but we are hoping that our service and value for our Amarillo title loans can support the man and woman working hard each day in Amarillo to continue to live comfortably and without worry.

Despite the growing industry, there seems to always be those times of cash emergencies when people may need extra cash fast. Heck, even some famous Amarilloans have Im sure needed extra cash before their careers took off and we are proud to be him to so many of them including:

  • • John Ayers – offensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers
  • • Terry Funk – wrestler
  • • Lee Cockrell – Grand Slam rodeo cowboy
  • • Ron Ely – famous actor and the original TV show Tarzan
  • • Charles Goodnight – first rancher in the area and the inventor of the chuck wagon
  • • Rick Husband – astronaut and namesake of the local Amarillo airport
  • • Brandon Slay – Olympic Gold Medal winner in wrestling
  • • Ryan Palmer – professional golfer
  • • Zach Thomas – football player Miami Dolphins

April 2015 - streets of amarillo texas city skyline at night

Did You Know that in 1893 Amarillo’s population was listed as “between 500 and 600 humans and 50,000 head of cattle”? And today services more than 500-600 Amarillo Title loan applications per month and not loans on cattle but on car titles. So if you are looking for quick access to cash of $1,000 or more apply today online or by phone and get the cash you need.

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